In Tucson, there is only one company that is confident in their building techniques and skills to create your dream home on difficult, rocky terrains, and that is McCreary Homes. We are unique, one of a kind, custom luxury home builders in Tucson, AZ that specialize in start to finish services and management, here to truly make your dreams come true. By hiring custom luxury home builders, remodeling contractor or historic building restoration expert, you know you’re getting exactly what you want in your home, instead of settling on pre-existing layouts.

LJ McCreary – About the Founder of McCreary Homes

Since 1988, LJ McCreary has been building custom luxury homes all over Arizona, including Tucson. Prior to building luxury homes, McCreary designed and built custom mesquite furniture and owned his own business doing so. LJ uses cutting edge architecture to build beautiful homes for the residents of Tucson and their families. His specialties are building beautiful, high end homes on steep, rocky terrains that are typically hard to build on. As the founder of McCreary Homes, LJ prides himself on managing the entire project from beginning to end, always ensuring top quality work and customer satisfaction.

LJ McCreary Builds Custom Homes for Tucson and surrounding areas

The experience we have in building custom homes in and around Tucson is substantial, and our team of professionals just can’t be beat. McCreary Homes doesn’t just build new custom homes, we have also expanded into offering home remodeling services, pre-listing maintenance and house renovations. With an in-house crew, we’re able to be competitive with pricing and more efficient in the building process.

We were one of the first certified custom home builders with SAHBA (Southern Arizona Home Builders Association) and are also a member of NAHB (National Association of Home Builders).

LJ McCreary builds custom homes for Tucson, AZ and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for details on building your dream home!