Welcome to my new blog

I am excited to begin my new blog. Even though all these new technologies (or sort of new) don’t necessarily come as second nature to me like they do my kids, I do feel that it is important to reach out to people in my industry however I can. I realize that to stay in touch, blogs and social media are just additional means to develop relationships—no different that cell phones and email.

This blog will generally cover a wide range of topics relating to custom home building, including common issues that come up, news, statistics and my thoughts and opinions on things I see happening.

I encourage comments…that’s why I am here. I do ask that any comments or questions be respectful and worthwhile. I know that there are some that use the internet to hide and push their own agendas and this is simply not the place. I will moderate comments but the only ones I will not allow are comments that:

  • Are disrespectful to myself, my family or others
  • Are inappropriate to the subject of this blog
  • Use inappropriate language

Other than that, all discourse is welcome and encouraged! Thanks!

LJ McCreary

McCreary Homes, Inc.

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