Tucson Makes 2014 Top 10 List for Best Cycling Towns in U.S.


In the age of growing improvements in technology and innovation, it may come as a surprise that many cities are heading back to the basics with bicycling. Cities, big and small, around the United States are paving the way for bicyclists. Not only does evolution of cycling promote healthy behaviors but makes the city as a whole environmentally conscious. We are proud to say that Tucson was voted one of the ten best cities for bicycling, as ranked by USA Today.


Tucson Makes 2014 Top 10 List for Best Cycling Towns in U.S. | McCreary Homes Inc.

A favorite for Tucson-based cyclists is a 55-mile car-free Urban Loop (often referred to as “The Loop”) where bicyclists can enjoy a ride with a view. With the addition of 700 astounding miles of bike lanes, it’s no wonder that The Loop has quickly become a bicyclist’s paradise.


If the urban loop isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of bike-friendly terrains and mountainscapes to be explored. Bike riders and tourists can enjoy rides throughout the rugged yet safe terrain of Mt. Lemmon and other surrounding mountain ranges. Although many Tucson natives are veteran cyclists, they are continuously surprised how much land they’ve yet to discover!


A bike-friendly city has become a new deciding factor when it comes to relocating. What was once transportation of the past or a leisure activity is now seen as an eco-friendly, enjoyable way to get from Point A to Point B. If this seems like the cycling city for you, contact us today and see how we can make Tucson your new home.


(Posted by LJ McCreary of McCreary Homes Inc.)


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