Trends in Tucson Custom Luxury Homebuilding

When recently asked “what trends do you see in Tucson custom home building” LJ McCreary took a look at projects McCreary Homes currently have under construction.

One trend I’m seeing is the addition of a steam shower in either the master bath room or in combination with an exercise room. The exercise room itself is also a fairly recent trend although not as recent as steam showers. One might not think people would want or need a steam shower in Tucson, but it proves to be a great way to get inhalation therapy and provides great health benefits. We usually build our own steam showers with custom tile, over durock, over plastic sheeting, over foam insulation as opposed to buying a package unit. This allows for custom details, a higher level of finish, and no limitation to shape and size. You just add a steam generator and the proper piping and fittings and you have it. A wide variety of aromatic oils can be introduced into the unit to add to the benefits.

Master bathroom deck mount whirlpool tubs are becoming more interesting and design oriented all the time. The last one we put in had a vanishing edge waterfall feature and special lighting built in to produce Chromatherapy. The tub is called the “sok® overflowing bath for two with effervescence and chromatherapy”, manufactured by Kohler.

Also in the master bath we’re seeing much more extensive equipment and far as valves, shower heads and body sprays in the master shower.

Another trend is the use of manufactured stone slabs for kitchen and bath countertops. Granite has been very popular over the years, but the manufactured stones that have become available provide a wider choice of colors. Some stones like CesarStone come with additives that make them mold and mildew resistant. Check out the web site for more information.

And last (at least for this post) but not least is the trend toward wall mount flat screen TV’s in just about every room in the house. A dedicated media or home theater room is also becoming more common place in high end custom luxury homes. This is a huge topic that deserves it’s own post. People spend anywhere from $10,000 to $120,000 on this part of the home.

Those are just a couple of trends McCreary Homes has been part of in Tucson. Stay tuned for more cool products and trends.

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