Trending Staircases in 2017

Trending Staircases in 2017

For many homes, the staircase serves as a main focal point.

While staircases are often a functional aspect of a home, they can have a huge impact on the style and design of your home’s interior.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your home’s staircase and you’re looking for inspiration, McCreary Homes has highlighted the staircase trends of 2017.

Curved Staircases

The major staircase trend of 2017 was also a popular choice in 2016, but with a classic design and functional beauty, the curved staircase trend is here to stay.

Curved staircases work well with interiors that are modern, classic, or rustic: just choose the proper finishes that fit your space. A curved staircase will give you a grand, beautiful stairway that you’ll love to show off. Curved staircases typically work best in homes that have large foyers where their twists and turns can be put on display.

Glass Elements

The focus of 2017 has been focused on living simply and economically, and if you’re in a small or modern space, you might consider this next staircase trend: glass. Glass (or fiberglass) staircases are great for small spaces because they won’t block natural light from coming in. Plus, their ultra-modern design makes them a great choice for new homes being built. Add in some chrome or iron details to match the fixtures in your home. For a true “air effect,” consider floating or riser-less treads.

Dual-Use Staircase

In keeping with the previously mentioned theme of “simple and modern,” another trend that seems to be sticking around is dual-use staircases. Dual-use staircases are a type of stairs that are also used for something else. This can mean a staircase has storage underneath, such as a built-in cabinet or exposed shelving. You can also use the space below your stairs to plant an indoor garden which can quickly brighten up your place.

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