Trending Décor in 2017

Trending Décor in 2017

Many people love staying up-to-date with home décor trends, and with 2017 in full swing, we’ve decided to cover some current trends we’re loving.

Looking for a fresh look for spring? Consider the following! 

Go Green

The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery, a cheerful green shade that brings to mind happy days in nature. If you don’t want to commit to an entire room, consider doing an accent wall in this of-the-moment shade which can easily be repainted. Too much? You can also simply incorporate green through accessories, such as vases or throw pillows.

Botanical Garden

Closely related to 2017’s trendiest color, botanical accents are also big this year. While indoor climbing vines are in style, those of us without green thumbs can try options that don’t require watering. There are plenty of fake succulents, printed wallpaper, and plant-themed accessories available as well.

On Display

Forget stuffing your sweaters in drawers under the bed or overloading your closet in desperation.  Consider purchasing some stylish storage containers, such as vintage trunks, that will serve as a decoration and as a statement piece.

Farmhouse Chic

Many people seem to have a renewed interest in American folk-culture in recent months, which is heavily driving this trend. How to get the look? Include tastefully chosen antiques, hand-stitched quilts, wooden accents, and stocked bookshelves.

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