The residential building market is loosening up in Tucson AZ

It looks like things are beginning to move forward again.  In recent conversations with architects, developers, subcontractors, and suppliers in the Tucson area one reoccurring comment is “we’re seeing projects loosening up and people are moving forward”.  Several prominent local architects have mentioned that they’ve gotten the go ahead to complete plans and finish construction documents on projects have been on hold for the past 6 months.  A local developer I played golf with this weekend is going to break ground on several model homes in June at a new zero lot line development.  One of McCreary Home’s future clients is also back on track completing architectural plans and moving ahead.  There’s a lot of pent up demand for building custom homes.   Architectural plans are complete for many high end custom luxury homes in Tucson.  Quite a few people put their dreams on hold when the economy and their portfolios took a down turn. You can’t hold people back…they’re going to find a way to generate what they want, be creative and move forward.

Local community banks are still in good shape because they weren’t involved in the high volume sub-prime lending that went on with large national lenders. As one executive at the bank put it “we’re in great shape…we’ve always concentrated on the basics…block and tackle”.  These small locally owned community banks are another case of small business coming to the rescue and being the real backbone of this wonderful country.  It’ll be nice when our leaders realize it.

LJ McCreary

McCreary Homes, Inc.

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