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As a custom luxury home builder in Tucson Arizona, I’m finding greater demand among my clients to be environmentally sensitive and to build green. A home owner for an up coming project in Oro Valley asked me the question “what part can I play or what can I do to make my new home green?” Building a home that uses less energy would be the number one thing. Install the most energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, as well as windows. Have an independent inspector perform intermediate inspections as the home’s being built to insure proper insulating and heating and cooling duct installation. Install energy efficient appliances, light fixtures, and water saving fixtures. Of course this adds to the cost of home, but with rising energy costs and reduction in energy efficient products the payback period is getting shorter and shorter. Home owners also get the satisfaction of doing their part. I’m interested in building homes that my customers will love for years, and ones that continue to unfold as wonderful places to live. Going green and having those options to offer certainly fits with that goal. Sometimes change, especially in the construction business, is a challange. Being a smaller high end custom home builder in Tucson makes that job a little easier. Here are a couple links that Geary Morris with Flir Thermography turned me on to. Jerry Yudelson of Yudelson and Associates is a leader in sustainable and green building consulting technology and planning and is located right here in Tucson. Anyone interested in going green or just thinking about the possibility should check his site out. Also U.S. green building council has a wealth of information about this topic. At McCreary Homes we’re just beginning to get educated about green building and what we can offer our customers, but it looks like it’ll be fun and exciting to embrace this new building philosophy. One quick side note….McCreary Homes is proud to have been acknowledged as an energy efficient builder by TEP (Tucson Electric Power). Check out TEP’s site….they have quite a bit of info on how to reduce energy consumption.

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