Modern and Green building in Tucson

Just ran across an awesome blog site combining green building with modern architectural design. The 2 go hand in hand. Clean and simple. The site features an interview with Michelle Kaufman a leader in modern practical design. Click on Michelle’s name and you’ll enter an area with links to other cool stuff and related articles.

As a Tucson custom home builder of 20+ years, my company, McCreary Homes, has built all styles of homes. My favorite, and the style of home I grew up in the mid west, is modern. Clean, simple, open, modular. The style and the mindset goes perfectly with environmental responsibility. A direction we need to head in and focus on.

Green products and building techniques are hitting the mainstream as consumers demand them and become more environmentally aware. Affordability will accompany the increased demand. Home builders will shift with consumer preferences. McCreary Homes is starting a new custom home in September for a couple nearing retirement in their 50’s. The client wants to include “green” into their home where possible. On-demand water heating, efficient HVAC equipment and appliances, whole house surge suppression and electrical conditioning are a few areas that are simple and environmentally effective. Other areas to look at but which are still a little too expensive for the average consumer are solar for both electricity and hot water. Domestic solar hot water is quite a bit more affordable than solar panels for electricity and has been in use for 15 to 20 years in Tucson to heat pools and hot water for the house (with back up). The price for solar electricity will come down as the push for alternative fuels accompanied by local power companies buying back power from consumers increases. Geothermal heat is also reserved for those who can afford it.

Modern design and environmentally friendly (long for “green”) is a direction and focus McCreary Homes will be taking in the future. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities that are just around the corner. Here’s a couple quick links for those interested. Dwell magazine, Hive Modular, Indigo modern in Tucson Arizona, Kithaus, KBH Architects and Robinette Architects both in Tucson Arizona.

Thanks again to the guys at GearCrave for inspiration and a great site

LJ McCreary

McCreary Homes

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