McCreary Homes Inc. turns 22

McCreary Homes turns 22 this year!  But LJ McCreary is not resting on his laurels.  He just enrolled in the Mastery Impact coaching program to further update his companies systems and processes and gear up for the upcoming rebound in the custom home building business.  Mastery Impact is a program available through E-Myth Worldwide, a company started by Michael Gerber more than 20 years ago.  LJ’s vision is to not only build homes that owners will be thrilled with when they’re complete, but to take it a step further and create a custom home building system where owners will be thrilled with the home building process.  We’re very grateful that our business has thrived for the last 22 years and are excited about where our business is going.  To make the home building process as wonderful as the completed project will take systems, focus and implementation.

LJ recently agreed to volunteer his services as general contractor for the Tucson Wildlife Center.  He’ll be supervising the construction of Southern Arizona’s first full-service wildlife hospital.    The Tucson Wildlife Center is an all volunteer, non profit organization which rescues injured wild animals, treats, rehabilitates,  and when possible, re-releases the animals back into the wild.  For more information on how you can help this organization go to

Speaking of wildlife, on a visit to Sabino Canyon for a family hike,  as we were riding the tram up into the canyon we were warned about stalking mountain lions which have been sited in the canyon.  If you are hiking in one of our many wildlife areas, and come across a mountain lion, remember the following:  Maintain eye contact at all times.  Do not run.  Do not crouch or bend over.  Try to seem larger than you are.  Wave your arms and throw sticks or rocks.

The real estate market in Tucson is picking back up.  Regardless of the national media, we must remember REAL ESTATE IS LOCAL. I heard someone tell a group “There is no national weather forecast….same with real estate…it’s all local.”

The Southwest is a wonderful place to live, explore and experience.  If you’ve never been to Tucson and Arizona, make plans to visit soon!

For those of you who have to good fortune to live in our beautiful city, why not take time from your hectic schedule and make plans to enjoy one or more of our unique outdoor destinations.  Visit Sabino Canyon, hike the Douglas Spring Trail at the east end of Speedway, or visit Tucson’s Desert Museum.  The Saguaros are starting to bloom; the desert and drive are beautiful.

We at McCreary Homes appreciate our good fortune to live in such a beautiful city and state with so many opportunities available to each of us.  We’re thankful for our wonderful customers, family, and friends who have supported us these past 22 years. We wish you all the best.

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