New Home Construction: Santa Fe Style Homes in Tucson, AZ

With so many styles to choose from, rebuilding your home can be quite the daunting task if you haven’t already decided on a structural theme. The gallery here on this page shows a variety of homes that were built Sante Fe style, borrowing from the spectacular adobe structures built by Native American people throughout the Southwest. At McCreary Homes, we craft and execute new home construction or rebuilds to give you the home of your dreams. Our gallery shows Sante Fe style homes in Tucson, AZ that we have built over the years for our clients. McCreary Homes brings Sante Fe to Tucson with heavy timbers extending out from the structure along with more modern styles.

New Home Construction

If you are starting completing from scratch with new home construction, McCreary Homes is here to guide you through the entire process from beginning to end, top to bottom. We are here for you no matter what, even if it’s a renovation or rebuild. New home construction in Tucson, AZ usually includes outdoor landscaping as well as building the home of your dreams, giving you the full package of a new, modern, Sante Fe style house. As reliable new home builders, McCreary wants to offer peace of mind to everyone involved with open and consistent communication about the project, something that is not always found in new home constructions or renovations.

Santa Fe Style Homes

When it comes to creating Sante Fe style homes, McCreary Homes knows what works. Our expert designers and builders are here to transform your dream into a reality with modern architecture and Native American style structures to bring Sante Fe into your Tucson home. Our Sante Fe style new home construction in Tucson, AZ meets and exceeds our client’s expectations on the design and build of their new home, something that McCreary Homes is extremely proud of!

Customer satisfaction is extremely important at McCreary Homes and we take pride in every home we build or renovate, every yard we transform with each detail included and the way our expert designers and builders communicate. View the gallery of our Sante Fe style homes built in Tucson, AZ and contact us today to get started!