Custom Outdoor Living Design Spaces in Tucson, AZ

For more than 18 years now, the professional team at McCreary Homes has been transforming drab backyards into your dream outdoor living spaces in Tucson, AZ. We start with custom designs and work with you to include the details that you have always dreamed about. Our goal at McCreary Homes is to make sure the space outside your door is just as wonderful as the experience within your home. Custom outdoor living design spaces in Tucson, AZ bring your home full circle and make for the perfect home to entertain in.

Tucson Backyard & Exterior Designer, Contractor and Architecture

Hiring McCreary Homes as your backyard contractor for exterior design architecture in Tucson, AZ turns your basic yard into your dream pool and deck, landscaped patio with greenery or possibly even a recreational space with a tennis court! View our gallery for some exterior design ideas or bring a few references and sketches that describe what you have in mind. If you’re looking for something completely unique, utilize our backyard and exterior designers to create your vision of paradise, and our contractors to build the architecture and living space you deserve.

Let us Build the Backyard Patio of your Dreams!

Imagine entertaining family and friends in your current backyard patio or space. Would they fit? Is it everything you hoped and wished for? If it’s not, now is the time to fix that by letting McCreary Homes build the backyard patio of your dreams! Offering services from the beginning to end, we can design (or assist in the design of) your new backyard patio, build the architecture and your dream space, then make sure the project is completed with quality and customer satisfaction.

Take the first step towards outdoors entertaining in style, or perhaps you’re just looking for a luxurious family space, whatever it is that you desire, call McCreary Homes today to get started!