New Home Builders & Contractors in Tucson

As new home builders in Tucson, AZ, McCreary Homes is dedicated to building high quality homes and top notch customer service. When building a new home, you need contractors who not only know what they are doing, but who are willing to provide guidance from beginning to end. Your input is extremely important in the new home building design process, but you can’t be expected to design your new home alone. The new home build contractors at McCreary Homes will be here with you, creating the perfect space for you and your family.

Build the Home of your Dreams with McCreary Homes!

Specializing in modern, Mediterranean and even Sante Fe styled homes, McCreary Homes prides itself in bringing your dream home to fruition. With the beautiful and stunning landscapes of Arizona as your backdrop, the designs at McCreary Homes are meant to fit the aesthetic and functional needs of each new owner. High Quality materials and an experienced team allow McCreary to exceed expectations in building the home of your dreams!

Custom Built Homes Designed WITH You!

As mentioned, working together in the design of your custom built home it is a crucial part of a new home building process. McCreary Homes takes pride in our ability to include and guide clients through a process that can be very daunting and overwhelming. Aside from the open and thorough communication, McCreary Homes is proficient in being able to stay within a client’s budget, while also completing projects on time, without sacrificing quality and cutting corners. Rather than meeting at the beginning, building your home and calling it a day, allow McCreary Homes to show you how custom built homes in Tucson can be designed with you, and not just for you. Between the consistent communication and overall knowledge of the luxury home design process, McCreary Homes has earned countless customer and Realtor referrals in Tucson, AZ.

View our gallery of new home builds in Tucson, AZ below and read our testimonials to see why McCreary Homes in the number one choice for new home construction in Arizona! For additional information on the design process or to get started, contact McCreary Homes today!