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The phones are ringing….Benefits of Custom Luxury Renovation

I received a call today from someone who has owned a prime building site in Tucson and is now ready to build.  Another call several weeks ago to extensively renovate and update his home is further evidence that people are ready to make it happen.  This brings to mind a quick thought for those who can’t quite find the resources or are on hold for a new custom home.

A custom luxury renovation may be the answer.  You can update that tired worn out kitchen and take advantage of all the new technology and appliances that are available today.  Stone or granite counter tops are one of the many man made stone or quartz products with antibacterial properties.  Or perhaps turn your master bedroom and bath into a real master suite.  Detached guest houses allow a person to create a separate private environment.  Give guests their own private retreat.  If they stay a little longer than planned…it won’t matter.  Perhaps a place for mom and dad as they grow older and need a little extra care and you don’t want to have them go into a nursing facility.

The other great thing about building a detached guesthouse is you can accommodate a media room, kitchenette, wine cellar, work out room, private office, or other space that may be difficult to fit into an existing floor plan.  Sometimes it’s difficult (i.e. expensive) to get the traffic patterns to work out right when dealing with an existing building.  You could spend more money trying to “marry” the new spaces you want up to you’re existing floor plan than you would if you just detached the area. Connect with a breezeway or porch cover.  Design it in the same architectural style as your home.

Another good reason to renovate or add on is that you love your neighborhood.  You’d like a new house, but you don’t want to live anywhere else.  Everyone knows the three most important things in real estate….location, location, location.  There are fewer goods spots to be in, especially if your’e  in one of those cool old historic neighborhoods.  Or perhaps you live in a great place like Tucson Country Club, Ventana Canyon, La Paloma, or Skyline Country Club where there aren’t any more lots…or at least very few.  In fact, locations like Tucson Country Club and Skyline are of the age that renovation makes sense to increase the value of your home by updating. Contribute to the planet with energy saving and green technology.  Tucson Electric Power has a rebate program that pays for about 1/2 the cost of solar voltaic collector, and I believe they are now even buying back electricity. Or in the current market it may make sense to buy an old home in these great neighborhoods, remove it and build a new one. It doesn’t cost much to demo and haul off an old home.  That’s certainly not a new idea but there are some great deals out there right now and I know investors who are doing just that.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on Custom Luxury Renovation in Tucson

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