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Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry goes Green

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry has erected a green home building exhibit design by architect Michelle Kaufmann. As a kid growing up in Elkhart Indiana (about 2 hours from Chicago) the museum was larger than life and a favorite place to spend time. To this day I find it a fascinating building and enjoy visiting whenever we’re in town. Hats off to the museum for hiring Kaufmann to design this educational exhibit. Green is definitely in the public’s awareness, and will be showing up in building across the country. As a custom luxury builder in Tucson Arizona, McCreary Homes is getting more requests to use green building techniques and products all the time. Here’s a link to the article in the

Chicago is an awesome place!

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Modern and Green building in Tucson

Just ran across an awesome blog site combining green building with modern architectural design. The 2 go hand in hand. Clean and simple. The site features an interview with Michelle Kaufman a leader in modern practical design. Click on Michelle’s name and you’ll enter an area with links to other cool stuff and related articles.…