Bringing Spring Into Your New Home

springtimeSpring doesn’t have to stay outside. There are plenty of ways to bring the brightness and beauty of spring into your new home, without having to make any major changes. For example, use interior decorations as a way to bring elements of spring into your living room. Accent pillows that feature brightly colored flowers or even just spring greenery can include nature in the room, and can be done for a reasonable price.



For a more temporary spring fix you can incorporate fresh flowers into your home décor. An arrangement of sunflowers in the kitchen or a vase of tulips on top of the fireplace can bring color and life into the room. You can choose flowers that match the design of the room, or go with a bouquet of different colored flowers that will stand out in a room. Lilies, Gerber daisies and snapdragons are all great options for spring.



As the flowers start to wilt there’s no need to throw them away. You can capture spring and keep it hanging in your home for months to come. While flowers are still colorful, place them individually between two small towels. Then, place them in between the pages of a phone book or dictionary, something heavy that will compress. But something substantial on top of the book like a few fire logs or even a dumbbell from a weight set. Check the flowers in 2-3 weeks to see your press flowers that can be framed and hung in any room.



Spring isn’t just about flowers though; it’s also about the fresh scents of blooming petals and growing grass. Thanks to technology, you can bring these smells inside with a candle, essential oil diffuser or air freshener. All of these products are sold in a variety of scents. Lavender and eucalyptus are just two ideas for a spring scent. When choosing a scent, close your eyes and waft the smell to your nose. Think about what it reminds you of, and if its springtime, you’ve got a winner.



It’s also possible to bring the sounds of spring into your home. Playing a soundtrack of crickets or a babbling brook can bring nature indoors. This way, even when you close your eyes you can still feel spring. Utilizing one or a few of these ideas can help you bring the spring season into your new luxury home. A season of blooming flowers, flourishing greenery and new opportunities perfectly reflects a new home. You have so much opportunity to blend indoors and outdoors when you bring elements of spring into your home.

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