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Having grown up in a modern designed home in the mid west (Elkhart, IN), I’ve always been drawn to that style of design. Designed by my uncle Orus Eash (mom’s brother) the house was sited on the banks of the Saint Joe river. It was a great place to grow up as a kid with boating and skiing available whenever I wasn’t in school or delivering papers. Orus designed quite a few private residences as well as churches and some buildings at Goshen College. If fact he told me once he had designed buildings in 25 categories of architecture. I didn’t know there were 25 categories of architecture. Orus recently passed away at the age of 92…..designing till the end. Orus was a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects and a registered architect in 5 states. He was a modernist and an art lover to the core. He always said “simplicity or simple design always took a little more refinement and time to get to……but it was perfect”

Here are some links to cool homes and architects.

Of course, Frank Lloyd Wrights “Falling Water” is one of the greats in proportion and massing. David Hovey highlighted here in Architectural Digest magazine has done some very interesting work in Phoenix and Chicago. Local Tucson architects Ron Robinette, Kevin Howard, and Michael Franks have contributed many architecturally significant homes to the Tucson landscape.

On a smaller scale the modular Kit house is an interesting concept or addition for compact shelter. Logical homes also fits this category. Going slightly larger is Hive Modular.

If you click on the above, you’ll se some cool stuff that might uplift and inspire.


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