2015 Trend Ideas for Modern Home Design

modern designAmong the most pronounced design elements for the year are large outdoor spaces used for living. This trend brings gardens and living rooms together into one space. Patios, backyards and balconies are just a few spaces that can be transformed with comfortable furniture, interesting décor and artwork as well as unique landscaping. This changed space can become a living area instead of just a place to sit when it’s sunny and warm.



In cooler climates, luxury homes are now being designed using heavy elements of glass. Floor to ceiling glass walls are popular as outside walls. Glass ceilings can make a room feel more natural with a 360-degree view of the sun, sky and moon. Glass floors provide a unique focal point in any room especially for home built on beaches or rolling hills of green grass.



The most underutilized part of a building is its roof, especially if it’s a flat roof with easy access. This can be used as additional floor and living space when designed correctly. Much like used your yard or balcony; your roof is space that’s just begging to be designed. Homeowners are turning their roofs into gardens, sitting spaces or even gyms. The direct sunlight and open air makes these spaces perfect for growing plants and veggies, relaxing after a long day, or doing your yoga routine as the sunrises.



The last emerging trend for 2015 is multifunctional design. This can mean a lot of things, but essentially it’s using space as intelligently as possible for more than just one thing. All the space underneath a staircase, for example, is typically wasted. Turn staircases into bookshelves or for pull out drawers from underneath the stairs for storage. If you are designing or remodeling your home this year, keep these trends in mind to stay on the cutting edge.

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